Wednesday, April 11, 2012

David Louveau's qingbai cup makes a splash

Weight: around 80 grams
Volume: 6 cl (9 cl when filled to the top).
Porcelain with qingbai (light celadon) glaze.
Gas fired at high temperature
Handmade, Korean style, by David Louveau de la Guigneraye.

The qing (celadon) color echoes the green color of nature. This color of spring and renewal is cherished by the Chinese. It explains why jade and celadon are so popular here. Their green color is particularly peaceful for our eyes and mind.

A good tea further transports us (virtually) in nature as we taste the flavors of the mountains it came from. This bigger cup fits a more relaxed style of brewing and drinking. It understands we don't always have time for very small cups.
The qingbai glaze adds life and energy to the color of the brew (here my wild arbor Dian Hung).

Beauty starts with the tea cup (says Teaparker's book title). And I couldn't agree more. The simple design of the foot, the curves of the body and the place for the lips: function and style combine with grace. The cup creates a connection to the drinker and gives us so much (tea) pleasure! 
Merci David!

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