Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Revisiting the 'perfect' Oriental Beauty of 2007

Some teas have the power to put us in awe. Whaooh! A tea can be THAT good! So pure, so deep, so fine... I had this feeling when I encountered this tea (scroll down in the post) 3 years ago.

The multicolor, tiny dry leaves of Oriental Beauty are so delicate. The dry leaves' fragrance goes beyond tea in the realm of feminine perfumes. 3 years later, the smell has added more depth, but shed some of its fresh 'bite'. It's less shine, more substance and calm. It's changing.

I use my smallest 'ivory' white gaiwan to get its true taste and reduce the amount of leaves I'm brewing. The red kimono belt provides a matching background for this highly oxidized Oolong. The open leaves are magnificient:

The taste is still very pure, sweet and light. The fragrance of the brew is a little darker, but its refinement still makes me go 'hmmmmm'! The first brews are particularly amazing.

Some of my readers had the opportunity to purchase this 'perfect' Oriental Beauty 3 years ago. If you are one of them and are interested to taste how it evolved, I still have some left to share with the first 5 people to contact me. (Price and quantity are the same as 3 years ago).

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