Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Singing an Old Oolong

Inspired by a 1949 old Oolong tea shared by Teaparker last Sunday, I rewrote Johnny Cash's amazing cover of 'Hurt'. I even recorded it for those brave readers who don't have sensitive ears.

"I brewed Old Tea today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the Taste
The only thing that's real

The leaves I pick are whole
The Old Yixing pot
They open very slow
And I remember everything

How Fine have you become
My sweetest leaves
Everyone I know drinks old tea
In the End
And we could have it all
An empire of gold
It won't let you down
It won't make you hurt

The white teapot wears a crown
Behind the Dragon head
Full of subtle sweetness
I can not comprehend
Beneath my taste buds
The feelings reappear
They are something else
I am still right here

If I could brew again
A million times or more
I would share this cup
I would find The Way

Here is the instrumental version if you want to sing along!

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